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    Forum Rules/Help Empty Forum Rules/Help

    Post by Skye on Fri Nov 07, 2014 7:36 pm

    Pretty basic stuff guys
    -No pornographic material
    -Try to be polite(remember attack the argument, not the arguer!)

    -They can be 150x200 in size maximum
    -Try to make them appropriate  argh!  
    -I made many default avi's to choose from in the avatar gallery if you don't feel like uploading your own or find it confusing.
    ------To get to the gallery go to 'Edit Profile'. Then click on the Avatar button. If you scroll to the bottom of the page you will see "Select your Avatar from our Gallery" Clicking on show gallery will direct you to all the avatars available there!

    Posting images
    1. If you want to post an image saved on your computer
    2. Click on this button in the toolbar: Forum Rules/Help Screen10
    3. Choose the file of the image you want
    4. For 'resize image' select no, unless you want to change your images size
    5. Click Host it
    6. Copy the Image url link
    7. Click on this button in the toolbar: Forum Rules/Help Screen11
    8. Paste the url then click insert!
    (If the image is already on the internet, then you simply skip to the 7th step)

    Spoiler tagging images
    -If you want to post an image that is large you should spoiler tag it so the page doesn't get stretched.
    -To do this you simply have to highlight what you want to spoiler tag, then click on this button in the toolbar:Forum Rules/Help Screen12

    I hope we're able to cover a lot of BIG QUESTIONS elephant!!!

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